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An Interpretation of Food Safety Incident in 2016


Just past 2016 is the "thirteen five" start of the year. This year, China's food safety field has undergone a series of major events, including the "thirteen five" plan release (proposed "the implementation of food safety strategy"), the first three quarters of food safety supervision and sampling situation has been released, "special medical formula Food registration management approach "and" health food production license review rules "have been introduced, export food enterprises within the" same line with the same homogeneous "project started in Sichuan due to misuse of nitrite caused by food poisoning incidents. To this end, the reporter special invited experts in the field of food safety - China Food Industry Association Nutritional Instruction Committee executive vice president of the Netherlands, China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association Deputy Secretary-General Guo Jing, the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center risk assessment A director of the Chinese Nutrition and Health Food Association Liu Xuecong, China Testing and Certification Group Co., Ltd. Food and Drug Farming Division Yang Guiling and the China Health Care Association Health Products Market Working Committee Technical Law Director Li Peng, the above things Related to the majority of readers for a detailed interpretation.