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Analysis of Safety Status and Control Strategy of Food Packaging


In recent years, the community often "bubble bowl bowl of fluorescent substances exceeded" "one-time foam lunch box" "Coke tank explosion" and other events, so that people are not only concerned about the safety of food itself, including food packaging, Food contact, its quality and safety directly affect the safety of food. Food packaging safety has become an important part of food safety control, food industry is also an urgent need to address one of the key issues.


Safety status of food packaging

Although China has already noted the safety control of food packaging materials, also introduced the relevant laws and regulations, including QS production license system, used to regulate the behavior of producers. But some companies in order to obtain greater benefits, will choose the lower cost, low safety factor for food packaging. The government's regulation of food packaging is not enough, resulting in the state to develop the law has not been implemented, lost the restraint. At present, China's food packaging materials, safety and health standards are lagging behind, a lot of detection indicators or the eighties and nineties of the last century, the detection of small types of projects, low standards, far behind the international level, with many new food packaging technology Application, the relevant standards failed to timely adjustment. Food packaging production enterprises generally small size, low production technology, professional management staff lacks, and some companies even lack of professional understanding of packaging materials, the lack of effective production quality management, factory inspection is also useless. A lot of food packaging use of the unit on the safety of food packaging does not attach importance to the purchase of packaging materials, just look at the surface dry, smell a smell, do not need any relevant packaging health inspection report, resulting in packaging materials The security problem has occurred.


Quality Control Strategy of Food Packaging Quality

In view of the current relatively backward health standards, we should speed up the pace of construction of China's food packaging standard system, to increase the safety of food packaging materials research, improve the health standards of China's food packaging materials for the old standard packaging materials updated in time to develop The test method should be as far as possible with the international standards; increase the investment in advanced testing equipment to improve China's packaging materials testing and analysis capabilities.

The establishment of an effective regulatory mechanism must improve the government on the quality and safety of food packaging attention to carry out the safety of food packaging supervision, to strengthen supervision and spot checks, increase law enforcement efforts, for the production of black factories do not have strict investigation and punishment, Shoddy products crack down on the formation of an effective safety regulatory mechanism.

Strengthen the supervision of the production and use of food packaging In order to eliminate the safety of food packaging materials, the key is to start from the source of food packaging production supervision, food packaging quality control work into the food packaging production and use of food Packaging manufacturers of packaging raw materials selection and procurement must be strict checks on the packaging of the production process for strict quality control of the finished product packaging must be the implementation of factory inspection, food packaging units in the procurement of food packaging, should be strictly required supply To provide the corresponding qualified product certification documents.

Strengthen the quality of enterprise management Food packaging production enterprises only through the management of technology innovation, enhance the quality of enterprise management level, in order to ensure the production of quality and safety, rest assured that the product, at the same time to strengthen the quality of staff training, training professional quality management Technical personnel; the establishment of an effective quality management system, through the continuous operation of the system will improve the existing problems in the production process; the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, only technological innovation, speed up the automation process, in order to get out of a quality and efficient quality The road to efficiency.

Strengthen the publicity and education to improve consumer awareness Consumers in the purchase of food, the general attention to the packaging surface of the health situation, the packaging material is unclear, some of the packaging material itself contains toxic chemical components may migrate to food hidden dangers, It is the lack of professional understanding. Food to a certain extent, can not be separated from food packaging, food packaging quality directly affects the quality and safety of food. Therefore, the food packaging supervision, production, use, consumption of the main body to strengthen cooperation, the Government should be strict laws and regulations and standards to strengthen the supervision of food packaging, enterprises should enhance social responsibility, strict control of the quality of packaging materials, consumers To enhance the awareness of food packaging awareness, thereby reducing the food packaging caused by security issues, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's food industry.