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Space spray disinfection system using physical means of liquid sterilization into the aerosol state of dry mist, dry mist in the air through the Brownian movement can be free to spread to the need for sterilization space, in order to achieve the purpose of space disinfection.

Application areas

● can be used for public places and food, beverage factory workshop disinfection, sterilization, deodorant, aerosol immunity, air humidification, dust removal of the ideal sprayer.

● Suitable for conference room, animal farms, biological products workshop, food and beverage processing plants, school auditorium and other places of environmental disinfection.


● Compared with the traditional sterile, equipment investment, running lower, installation and maintenance is simple.

● Customers can choose different nozzles according to different chemicals to spray to meet the different needs of rapid sterilization or long-term antibacterial.

● spray rhythm can be adjusted according to need, spray volume adjustable.

Typical products

● Automatic space spray system

● Mobile spray system

● Hand sprayer