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Principle and scope of application

Foam cleaning is a recognized method of effectively removing grease and dirt from all types of surfaces. It can be used to clean the entire food and beverage industry, transportation, industry and agriculture. During the cleaning process, the foam can be attached to the surface of the irregularly cleaned surface, providing a greater coverage than the liquid cleaner. Foam attached to the surface of the object to be cleaned, stay longer, more effective to remove the surface of the dirt and dirt dirt.

Guangzhou light machine mobile foam cleaning machine to produce a rich bubble, the amount of foam produced can reach about 246 liters / min, spray distance of up to 8 to 10 meters; and for the dry and dry foam adjustment, the device only need to turn a Knob, you can apply to different occasions to use, so as to achieve the best cleaning effect.


● food and beverage industry: beer, beverages, dairy products, bread, meat products, seafood, central kitchen, smoking rooms and so on.

● Transportation: transportation, aviation, transportation, military, automobile, ship, construction equipment.

● Industry: general machinery cleaning, degreasing, paint manufacturers.

● Agriculture: cows, poultry, farm equipment, pigs


● can move at any time and can produce a huge volume of foam

● Under different pressure conditions can control the production of different wet and dry foam

● Use specially designed, durable pneumatic diaphragm pump.

● spray distance, large coverage area

● simple operation, easy to use

Typical products

● G80L mobile foam cleaning machine

● GS80L mobile foam cleaning machine