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In today's clean process systems, a well-integrated CIP system is critical to the success of the entire process operation. The integration of the CIP system concept begins with the selection of a suitable CIP configuration, which provides a liquid that meets the cleanliness requirements for parts that require cleaning. Temperature, flow rate / pressure, chemical concentration and cleaning time will be controlled by the CIP system carefully designed by the GLM Liquid Process Engineering team. The CIP system can not only deliver CIP process parameters of the liquid, while its reliable performance, repeatability is good, easy to verify.

Application areas

● Beer production line filling machine, membrane filtration, UHT and related pipeline online cleaning

● Online cleaning of storage tanks, piping and related equipment for food and candy industry

● Laboratory of universities and scientific research institutions


● tank structure health design, no cleaning dead ends

●The plate heat exchanger completes the heating of the cleaning solution

● High-quality components ensure that the module can operate at low failure rates

● Open device configuration, can facilitate the maintenance of equipment

● Modular design ensures the versatility and efficiency of the equipment

● Automated design, can also be integrated with your control system

Typical products

Single cans, double cans