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Principle and composition

The system consists of concentration adding system, control system and adjustable sprinkler system, can be a variety of chain plate conveyor system lubrication. The system is highly automated, easy to operate, simple routine maintenance, accurate lubricant added, can achieve concentration partition, segment control and traffic packet control to reduce the loss of lubricant, beer enterprises can meet the high standards of clean health requirements.

Tap water through the regulator, filtered into the pipeline with the metering and feeding pump mixed with the lubricant, and the mixture through the branch pipeline to the conveyor belt conveyor surface spray, a reasonable spray of the bottle with a stable operation , Durable, no inverted bottle and anti-bacterial and so on, etc., in the beer filling production line conveyor belt start, the system automatically according to the conveyor belt signal control conveyor belt automatically add the lubricant, and can be activated according to the conveyor belt The number of automatic control of the amount of metering pumps and to ensure the stability of the lubricant concentration in the pipeline. According to the special requirements for the control of microbes in the production of pure draft beer, the system can also be used for cleaning and sterilizing the conveyor belt with special requirements.


Technical Parameters

● Power: 220V, 50HZ, 600w

● water: pressure of 5bar, room temperature

● Lubricant concentration 0.15-0.5% (v / v)

● Lubricant nozzle volume: 50-350