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Washing car

1, E30eco 30 "push-type washing machine

● Clean efficiency up to 3,800 square meters per hour

● Ultra-thin brush plate for cleaning the surrounding objects and the bottom of the object

● Compact and compact design for narrow spaces

2, Mingde US ADM35 driving automatic washing machine

● machine original US imports: international manufacturing standards;

● patented operation design: one-button operation, more efficient, more secure

● At the same time according to the ground conditions for a unique cleaning program design, on behalf of the industry's highest standards;

● patent floating water tank design: make full use of the fuselage space, to achieve the best fuselage characteristics;

● patented Aqua Stop water-saving skirt design: water-saving and cleaning agents up to 50%, lower cost, higher environmental standards;

● patent third generation of straw design: double-sided steel material, double parabolic design, water absorption more thoroughly, easier maintenance;

● unique steering design: front wheel steering, rear wheel drive, to achieve super-column cleaning capacity to ensure a strong ability to climb;

● steel chassis design: safe and reliable, to ensure long machine life;

● compact model design: transport status can be 70 cm through the channel, to achieve the required cleaning of the property requirements of multi-regional operations;

● Optional multi-functional epitaxial straw: replace a drag line suction machine, reduce procurement costs, to avoid leakage of security risks;

● safety cab design: bilateral up and down, the operation more convenient and more secure;

● unique dual front wheel design: to ensure strong adhesion, improve the safety of the use of the machine.