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Bottled water heat shrink film machine

Principle: The equipment shrink film process for the whole process of dry sterile packaging, in line with food safety and health requirements, low power low energy consumption, the use of hot air pressure distribution evenly, hot air jet is divided into three adjustable, each section of the level, before and after The amount of gas can be adjusted separately to achieve the perfect contraction effect. The whole machine shell made of stainless steel and to be insulated, with the return box, so that hot air recycling, not only save energy, and in line with international safety standards, the whole machine is simple, easy maintenance.

Application: 5 gallon bucket of water bucket, (18.9 liters) bucket, (7.5 liters) bucket, (5 liters) Bottled water Shrink film packaging.

Parameter comparison


Hot air heaters

Steam type heaters

Operational aspects

The production process does not require additional operational steps, the production can only check the heat shrink effect

Production process requires water operation

food sanitation

Dry aseptically encapsulated

Seal the residual water mist easy to breed bacteria

Clean environment

Equipment surrounding the ground dry, no water

Steam condensation after the equipment is easy to produce water around the impact of on-site health, especially in the northern field climate

Shrink film after

Shrink film finished out to the Penma, the film is dry, to prevent Penhua hydration

Shrink film finished out to the Penma, need to add a fan dry, so that Penma, spray code occasional hydration phenomenon

Energy consumption

Machine power 7KW

Machine power 10.5KW